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The State Rocket Centre, in cooperation with the developers of engines, control system, launch and maintenance complexes (KBKhA, KBKhM, NIIMash, NPOA and KBTM), have designed the ROSSIYANKA space rocket with the reusable first stage.

The key feature of the reusable first stage is application of exclusively standard rocket systems. The performance and number of the engines ensure the stage flight from takeoff to touchdown, including in case of failure of any cruise or control engines, what ensures high reliability of the mission accomplishment.

The stage flies back along a ballistic trajectory with restarting the standard engines.

The ROSSIYANKA capability, when injecting a payload into a low-earth orbit, is 21.5 tons. It can be increased to 35 t depending on the LV dimensions or, for instance, with application of the oxygen-hydrogen second stage. In this case the LV structural arrangement and the pattern of recovery of the reusable first stage remain unchanged.

Takeoff mass, t 750
Payload capability, t Up to 21.5
Fuel Liquid oxygen + liquefied natural gas
1-st stage reusability Up to 25
The reusable stage flight profile
The reusable stage flight profile

LV engines
The ROSSIYANKA LV have new-generation reusable, highly reliable liquid-fuel rocket engines burning eco-friendly fuel components “liquid oxygen + liquefied natural gas”. Besides, application of engines on “liquid oxygen + kerosene” is under consideration now.

Control system
The primary investigations showed the possibility of the development of onboard control system equipment (BCSE) with the performance required. The radio inertial BCSE based on that of SOYUZ-2 was adopted as basic for the 1-st and 2-nd stages that will allow to fulfill the requirements for payload injection and 1-st stage recovery with soft landing on a prepared 50х50m site located 3-5km from the LV launch pad. The high recovery accuracy is provided by the GLONASS satellite navigation system and additional onboard navigation equipment.
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